Where is the best place to look for Scholarships?

This is a common question that high school seniors and their parents ask.  The Silver Creek Counseling Department has compiled some basic information below that may be helpful as you navigate this complex process.

The scholarships that we recommend for most students typically fall into three different categories:  Universal, University Specific, and Local.

Universal Scholarships

These are scholarships that are available to anyone willing to research them, complete the application, and submit all required information before the deadline.  There are numerous scholarship search engines on-line which might help you to narrow the field of applicable scholarships.  One such search engine is called FastWeb.  This site will allow students to complete personal profile information about themselves, their interests and plans for the future.  The site will then identify some possible scholarships that might be applicable for them.  Another place to research some Universal scholarships would be your student Naviance/Family Connections account.  Yet another source for potential scholarship money may come from your employer or parents employer.  Inquiring about this may lead you to some great opportunities.

Something to consider regarding Universal Scholarships is the number of other applicants that may be competing for the same scholarship award.  Most of these scholarships will be available to students from all over the nation and possibly even the globe.  The level of competition will be fierce for some of these monies.  Accordingly, you may want to conduct a personal Cost/Benefit analysis to determine how much time and energy you want to spend vs. the potential payoff or reward you may receive.

University Specific Scholarships

These are the scholarships that are specific to a particular college or university.  They are available exclusively to students who will attend that school.  The typical process for applying for these awards comes after a student has completed the admissions process and been accepted for enrollment to the college.  At that stage, a qualified (admitted) student should be able to access information and applications for these scholarships.  Eligibility for many of these scholarships can be correlated to a student’s GPA and ACT/SAT test scores.  In other words, high GPA’s and test scores can automatically qualify students for a financial awards or tuition reductions!  Students may become eligible for other University Specific Scholarships based on their commitment to participate in special service or leadership programs upon enrollment.  Each specific college or university has unique opportunities and processes which could be worthwhile to explore (even before applying for admission).

Local Scholarships

These are scholarships that are only available to St. Vrain Valley School District students.  Thus the competition pool is smaller which enhances a students chances for success.  Following is information and links to the St. Vrain Valley Local Scholarship Package:

SVVSD Local Scholarships

There are two lists (1 and 2):
List 1:
All scholarships on this list require submission of the same “uniform application.”  Thus you fill out ONLY the one application, which works for all the scholarships on List I. If you are applying for more than one scholarship from List I, you must make a copy of the application for each scholarship for which you are applying (for example: if you apply for three List 1 scholarships you should submit three copies of the “Uniform Application Form”).
List 2:

The scholarships on List 2 each have a separate and unique application form. You must print off the applicable application form, check deadlines and submit the application according to the instructions. Note: some List 2 applications are turned into your home high school while others are sent directly to the organization. It is crucial that you follow instructions, meet deadlines, and submit neat and thorough applications properly.

2016 List 1 Scholarship Descriptions

Each of the the “List 1” scholarships requires the use of the Uniform Application.  All are due to the counseling office by February 29, 2016. Follow the directions on the first page of the Uniform Application form.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide multiple copies of this form and all supplemental information (if applying for more than one “List 1” scholarship).  Incomplete applications will not be considered!

2016 List 2 Scholarship Descriptions

Each of the “List 2” scholarships has a separate and unique application form.  You can find these through the links below.  Specifics regarding deadlines, where to submit the applications, etc. vary for each individual scholarship.  Be sure to read carefully and follow all instructions.


Other scholarships through the Longmont Community Foundation are also available.  Longmont Community Foundation Scholarships must be accessed online only.  These scholarships include some of the following:
  • Students considering the University of Northern Colorado or a Christian college or university
  • Residents of Mead
  • Students who have experienced serious illness, injury, or the death of a family member
  • Community service
  • Students who plan on studying voice, piano, or organ
To access/apply you must create an account for online submission here



One thought on “Where is the best place to look for Scholarships?

  1. How about some details on how to create a writable document for you scholarship applications? It is 2016. I’m trying to get my son started on the application on List 1 and it’s making us crazy. Seems a little insane to ask him to write them out by hand or use a typewriter–those don’t even exist any more do they??


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